Dawson Rendering Systems provide only the highest grade of protective wall coatings available in today’s market.

Every project is different and has its own individual requirements, however all or our coatings have these following specifications as standard:

Transform the appearance of your home or building
Eliminates the need for frequent painting
Beautiful textured finished in various colours
Will not chip, flake or peel
Micro porous to allow the walls to breathe
Resists dirt, mould, algae and acid rain
Self cleaning
Hides surface imperfections
Alkali resistant

We are able to provide the following coatings

One Coat Render is a render consisting of cement lime and sand. This is the ideal product for any project involving a listed building, where strict building guidelines apply. OCR is easy to paint and extremely weather resistant, making it ideal for use in Costal areas.
There are many different types of colored render on the market today, with each one having it’s own benefits and style. Because Dawson Rendering Systems apply these materials with plastering machines, it allows us to carry out projects with increased quality and speed, resulting in less ‘on site’ time than your average contractor.
There are many different brands of Acrylic renders on the market. All manufactures using 21st century technology to upgrade and improve these products. In the past few years we have seen the rise in the demand for these renders. We can apply this as a render only system on to the external of your house, or it can be applied with an insulation system giving you the option of literally any colour you choose. These materials are pre mixed in a factory with a tinting machine to get the exact colour before arriving on site. Acrylic Renders also have the advantage of being able to be applied all year round.
Brick Rend is an excellent means of modernising your home but maintaining the original look. This is applied in three to four different layers depending on the temperatures working in. Brick Rend can be applied as a render only system, however Dawson Rendering Systems would recommend that it be used in conjunction with an insulation system.
Again this is mainly used in conjunction with insulation systems. The benefit with Acrylic Brick Slip is that we can match it exactly to any existing brick work on your home. Once this system has been installed it has an anti crack system and you will never have to re point again. If you require samples of these please do not hesitate to contact Dawson Rendering Systems for details.
Dawson Rendering Systems can offer you a spec change on any project to suit the design requirement by working in close relationship with the manufactures. This screed can boost the speed of your project and deliver it on time and within budget.
If you require any further information, or have any questions regarding any of the services provided by Dawson Rendering Systems Limited please contact us, we are sure that one of our experts in the relevant field will be able to help.

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